Friday, November 2, 2012

Gadgets... "Degunking" Squash

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone. We were spared most of it in Northern Virginia, just a lot of rain and wind. We were fortunate enough to not lose our power, nor did we have any water in our basement. Our thoughts are with those who have not fared as well.

We spent two days inside the house, which was challenging at times with a 2.5 year old who loves to play outside. We made these bars, practiced trick-or-treating, built lots of Mega Blok tunnels, read books, ran trucks around the house, and watched Fireman Sam.

It was rather odd to wait out a hurricane at the end of October. I associate Fall with a lot of things, but hurricanes are not one of them. Fall is for leaves, raking, Halloween, apple cider, and, of course, squash.

I promise to someday post about something other squash... but not today. Today I'm sharing my favorite tool for cleaning the seeds out of squash, or degunking, as I like to call it.

HIC Serrated Grapefruit Spoon - Single Spoon
The Lowly Grapefruit Spoon

That's right folks, the lowly grapefruit spoon is a squash-lovers best friend. Otherwise relegated to one task during the winter months, the shape is perfect and the serrated edge helps to cut away the strands. It also works well for cleaning seeds out of melons, such as cantaloupe. Best of all, the price is right!

Happy degunking!

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