Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Week Ahead... 11/12/12

I'm watching Iron Chef and the challenge is leftover Thanksgiving. I just realized that this holiday is only two weeks away. Last year was my first time cooking Thanksgiving and I did a pretty good job. It was also my first gluten and dairy free Thanksgiving. In my family, the only gluten containing items are the gravy, stuffing, and pies. I used a GF all purpose flour in the gravy.

I made a small portion of stuffing for myself and it was delicious! My mom has always made her stuffing from leftover pieces of bread that she saves throughout the year, so that's what I did as well, it just happens to be all GF bread.

For the pecan pie (my favorite), I used my standard pie crust recipe with the high-protein flour mix from Living Without and Earth Balance. Since then I've realized that the pie crust method from Cook's Illustrated makes an awesome GF crust with that same high-protein flour mix. I used Healthy Top but will likely try the coconut cream this time around.

This year we will be with my in-law's. I haven't coordinated yet, but I'm thinking everything will work approximately the same as last year.

Menu for the Week of November 12, 2012
I have a late appointment on Wednesday, so leftovers will be easiest. My husband will be spending the weekend at Penn State for his annual boys weekend with his college roommates. I haven't decided what to do for the weekend, so I'll leave Saturday unplanned for now.

Monday: Kale Meatballs with potato salad

Tuesday: chard with dates, roasted brussels sprouts, rolls

Wednesday: leftover ham bean soup with corn bread

  • prep butternut squash

Thursday: Butternut Squash Pasta

Friday: hot dogs and baked beans

Saturday: ???????


  1. Saturday, come visit the Batzers and help me figure out what to do with the three pounds of beets I have. ;-)
    Kale meatballs might have to be tried.

    1. Duffy - You can always steam them and freeze them for salads... see my previous post. Roasting is always a great option!

    2. The kale balls were a hit! I used mild italian pork sausage with ground turkey. I had a parsnip and apple that needed to be used, so in they went! Engineer Junior ate 3 which is pretty good for him for a new food.