Monday, January 21, 2013

Mindfulness and The Week Ahead... 1/21/13

I received the two cookbooks by Alissa Sergersten and Tom Malterre for Christmas this year. If you're not familiar with them, they have a blog called The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen over at Anyway, I've been reading through their first book called The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and found this great quote on page 42, "Enjoy the entire process of meal preparation including shopping for, preparing, eating, and cleaning up afterwards. Every meal is a celebration of life, the seasons, and rhythms of nature. Enjoy being alive and having the opportunity to eat!" This is actually an excellent goal. I like preparing and eating, but am not too keen on shopping and cleaning. I think I will strive to be more mindful of the whole process in the weeks to come! Here is a menu that I enjoyed creating and shopping for, especially since it is an easy week!

Menu for the week of January 21, 2013

Monday: leftovers
  • make Scrumptious Sandwich Bread (source)
Tuesday: Curried Spinach and Chickpeas with rice (sweet potato for me)
  • prep sloppy joes
Wednesday: sloppy joes, wilted chard
  • soak quinoa
Thursday: leftovers
  • cook quinoa, prep cakes
Friday: Spinach Quinoa Socca Cakes, roasted cauliflower

Saturday: out for my husband's birthday!


  1. I admire the amount of planning you put into everything . . . Duffy & I, well, by the time it's time for dinner, we'll text each other with what we might want. Tonight is, mostly, a leftover night -- from steaks to cheesesteaks.

    And I have a newfound appreciation of cauliflower since roasting it. I still don't like it steamed or raw, but roasted? Mmmmm.

    1. Thanks John - I'll admit, it's a pain. It takes about an hour to plan the menu and make the shopping list, but we'd probably go out a ton if I didn't do it this way :-)

      I concur on cauliflower... roasted it for the first time a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised!